Xperia Z4 is only available in Japan the other regions will get another device

Sony released the modest version of Xperia Z3 which is called Xperia Z4 with new designed and improved specs. Sony made the new Xperia Z4 more slim and less in weight.

The new smartphone comes with the latest Snapdragon 810 system on the chip.

Well the new information is out and revealed the fact that the Sony held their press event in Japan where the company released Xperia Z4 which is now only targeting the local market means the handset is only for the Japanese markets, but there is no mean that Sony will not approach the internal markets. The company will launch another version of the same device with the slightly change configuration for the other regions.

The official announcement for the global version of Xperia Z4 will take the official place at the end of May 2015. The question arises here that what are the changes company will make in the international version of the handset. According to the general guess, the smartphone will come with the minimum difference.


Well, this information still based on the rumors and for knowing the more we need to wait until the Sony will not provide the information in official manner. Till then stay with us and wait for the next updates.