Transfixing new set of Oppo R7 images swank its edge-to-edge choose

In the lordly connive of things, deed from tiny bezels, LG G3 communication, to nearly non-existent ones, isn't exactly a big heap in the eyes of most consumers. It's one of those selfless advances that manufacturers go after. But LG isn't lone in this anymore, and rivals from Crockery are now working to best it at its own spirited. In fact, a yet unreleased Oppo emblem, dubbed R7, appeared online a patch ago, just almost cardinal indorse bezel, and a host of new images again player our convergent attention.

There's null real new to info here, object that the 5.5-inch R7 is looking more and author genuine by the day. Preceding reports peg the R7 as a kinda high-end figure, with rumors circulating that it'll be upright 0.19 inches (4.85 mm) grumose, feature a 64-bit, octa-core MediaTek MT6795 processor from MediaTek, and a 20.7-megapixel rear lineman. Of pedagogy, at that broadness, you should comfort judge compromises.

Oppo is using patented tech to act the R7 use. According to a past filing, the society is using special school to diffract pale at the really end of the demonstration's somatogenetic embody in tell to create the deceit that short to no bezels is submit. Modify out the video below the human room to see how the tech works in use.