Asus VivoWatch offers 10 days of battery life, plus fitness-oriented features

Asus today disclosed a new smartwatch which, interestingly, isn't concept of the Zen tribe (equivalent the ZenWatch that was launched lastly assemblage). The new wearable design is titled VivoWatch, and should be free to buy sometime ulterior this gathering.

Asus didn't impart too many info active the VivoWatch, but it did say that it's a fitness-centric manoeuvre that can pay 10 days of fire sprightliness. Separate official features let a unsullied brace border, temperament value varan, and a suite of health-oriented apps. The obstruct of the VivoWatch seems to be a dishonorable and person one, while below it we can see a crimson LED request inflamed.

The Asus VivoWatch is dust- and water- resistant (IP67 certificated), and does not run Humanoid Act. Most probably, the VivoWatch is the non-Android Crumble Asus smartwatch that we told you active endorse in Feb. That state said, Asus didn't ply statesman message on the software program that the VivoWatch is supported on.

At the minute, the value of the VivoWatch is not celebrated. Still, the style should expenditure little than the ZenWatch, which can be bought for as low as $199. We'll let you experience writer nigh the Asus VivoWatch as presently as new details are procurable.