Microsoft Revamps Bing Website for Android and iPhone

Microsoft on Friday revamped the mobile homepage for iPhone and Android smartphones with a number of enhancements.
Starting Friday, users on iPhone and Android smartphones will notice a completely new Bing homepage optimised for mobile devices. The homepage has got a new translucent colour scheme with swipe up option to see the various sections.
Users will now see a new image of the day (IOTD) card which on tapping will reveal more information about that particular image. Microsoft has also brought the desktop's news carousel experience to mobile. The 'Popular Now' section shows the selected top trending stories for a user, and is updated throughout the day.
"News consumption is a common activity on mobile devices. We also know that on desktop, the homepage news carousel at the bottom of the page is one of the most highly engaged features, connecting users to news stories across the web. With that in mind, we are bringing the desktop's news carousel experience to mobile. We select the top trending stories for you and update them throughout the day. Moving forward, we will continue to make these stories even more relevant and personal," noted the Bing Team on Microsoft Bing blog.
Lastly, the homepage also includes three more cards - Bing Rewards for points tracking, Settings card, and Footer card that allow users to send feedback.
On Thursday, the company had revamped its Bing Image Search on Web and mobile. Microsoft said that the experience will be rolling out worldwide to on PCs, tablets and smartphones as well to its iPhone and Android apps over the coming weeks.
Once rolled out, users while searching for images or similar images to a picture they have clicked will be able to scroll down/ swipe up to get useful and interesting information about a particular image, along with an option to purchase the product seen in that image.